Not a scream

My upstairs neighbor is a screamer. No, not THAT kind of screamer (tut tut), a scream-at-your-kids-till-your-voice-is-hoarse screamer, an I-don’t-care-what-the-neighbors-think-cos-they’ve heard-me-so-many-times screamer.

It’s kind of escalated since I would say 2 years ago. I used to hear her from time to time (normal), then it was raised voices at bedtime (poor her, I thought), and now, somehow it’s turned into an at least twice a day shout down, always ending in tears (theirs).

Why? What lead them to this point I sometimes think?

But then, I know don’t I, cos I am certainly not saint mummy. I’ve screamed, I’ve hit. Luckily I’ve always managed to turn it off at some point, to get some love in there and break that horrible cycle.

Kids annoying=screaming=kids even more annoying=more screaming etc etc.

It’s the screaming trap, each time you need to escalate to get the “desired” results. (As opposed to saving screaming for real “emergencies” when it really causes shock and awe, I’ve heard…)

I alternate between feeling sorry for them, sorry for her, being weirdly fascinated by the outburst/nosey about what may have sparked it off (very mundane stuff as far as I can tell, water balloons in the bathroom, sibling fights, bouncing basketballs, not doing as told when told etc), and slightly, just slightly, smug that THIS time, it’s not me.

Not a scream

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