I don’t know if any of you get this, but sometimes being ‘just a mum’ (check out Miss Fanny P’s excellent post on this phrase) I feel like I do SO MUCH in one day, it’s like this  exhaustive, crazy, multitasking list that goes on and on and on…

And though most people also have this at work, at (paid) work it is recognised and logged and noted at work. Theres a kind of progression, it builds up.

At home the tasks are often so repetitive and cyclical that once done they kind of fade into the the…another load of washing, another supermarket shop survived, another bedtime, another hoover, the endless food preparing, and clearing up, and teeth brushing…

Anyway, none of this is new. But recently I had this idea of listing all the things I had done in a day, as a kind of log to myself, like “there, I did it!”.

Only problem is when I do have time to do it, check this out, I actually have a kind of amnesia and I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT I DID…

What’s that about?!


4 thoughts on “Amnesia

  1. I would love to have an aerial view of myself throughout the day from my home. While I feel (and am) so busy, I know that I remember things I need to do while doing something else and circle back to do it when I remember something else. And on and on it goes. I must look like a completely forgetful ant running in circles viewed from up above.


    1. Exactly. Sometimes wished I had a camera or a record, it’s like it all goes into the ether…did it happen? Did it matter? Like tha saying if a tree falls in the wood with no one there, did it fall?


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