Equality rules, but who does the recycling?

I’m all for being green. I’m a conscious shopper, I reuse, share commodities, recycle, use cloth nappies. I’ve watched and re-watched The Story of Stuff

I also know that there is a dark side of wanting to ‘be green’. A guilt driven side that is actually just masking yet more marketing: anything ‘green’ or ‘ecological’ has more power to get people to buy things. Think about it: ecological/organic cereal bars are still wrapped in layers of plastic, boxes of soya milk are still in diabolical tetra pack, many organic products are still imported from the other side of the world…how ‘green’ is that?

Another thought I had is this: are green issues been specifically targeted at women? Now we wash nappies, separate rubbish, and while away the hours thinking of how to eat more organic food. I know I do, but perhaps that’s just because I have been the ‘home-maker’, rather than the fact I am a woman.

But, overall, does being green chip into women’s time more than men’s?

Who puts out the recycling? Who washes the cloth nappies if you use them? Who decides on the level of ‘green’ in your home?

Equality rules, but who does the recycling?

7 thoughts on “Equality rules, but who does the recycling?

  1. It is an interesting question you raised I am sure you can find the statistics on this. But if you do not mind me answering from my point of view: in our household it is my husband who is more green than I am. He takes it very seriously. We regularly have arguments at supermarkets where he wants to take everything in his hands (so we do not use plastic bags) and it is a great idea but at the same time we are carrying a baby who is more than ten kilos.
    I wash the cloth diapers but my husband makes sure that I unplug my laptop at night and that we recycle very seriously (when we lived in Spain – on this Thai island it is impossible to recycle… but my husband tried to make the hotel as green as possible that he manages).
    Congratulations for your award by the way! That is how I found you… I am Eszter. I was also nominated by Kerry. πŸ™‚


  2. I’d say my husband and I are equally “green” though I tend to make more of the “green” food and household choices (organic food, cloth bags and napkins and such) but he does not waste anything. One might say he’s a pack rat though it is all impeccably organized. He is definitely a “waste not, want not” type of guy πŸ˜‰ I agree though that there is a hip trend to be green and marketing agencies are all over that bandwagon!


  3. Valerie says:

    I am the shopper for most of our home’s needs but my husband is definitely the one who gets the stuff which saves energy (air filters, lightbulbs, rechargeable batteries, etc) I hang the clothes on the line and care for the cloth diapers, I also clean using natural products, so I’d say we both help live green. πŸ™‚


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