On a break

Hello my little blog!

I missed you….sorry I’ve been absent for a while. You see, I’ve had this little change in my life. It begins with a W, ends with a K and has o and r somewhere in between.

The W word may come between us for a while, who knows, it may even be the thing that breaks us apart in the end.

I want you to know that I value you and that, whatever happens, our few months together have been special. I hope they were good for you too.

You are great, you have eased my mind when it was full to burst, you have provided me with some great reading via our mutual friends (hi!) and also helped me to further a new passion for me: social networks and social media.

All the while we have been in the company of our trusty old companion, writing. Writing will always be ours.

Is this a goodbye? I don’t know what to say blog…I’ve got to work 39 hours a week and, as you know, 3 children…I hope I will be able to spend some time on you, but (and I hope you don’t take this personally) you are just not a priority at the moment.

Lets just say we are taking a break for the moment.

All my love, as always.

xx mamacita.


On a break

7 thoughts on “On a break

  1. I’ve been a little absent too but I was thinking yesterday that I hadn’t seen you around for awhile and was going to come a looking! I hope you find your way back now and again as I’ve greatly enjoyed your presence in blog land but if not I get that too. Look after you and yours x


    1. Thanks πŸ™‚
      I miss this, but literally have no time…not even lunch break cos I pick up my baby and bring him home…feeling I need some me time badly… Don’t want to go too much down the road of cranky mummy…oxygen mask time!


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