First world feminism, first world problems

We got it good, but it don't mean we should stop asking for equality!
Sure we got it good, but it doesn’t mean we should stop asking for equality!

Recently, the famous Somalian women’s rights activist, feminist, author and speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been in the media for saying that western feminism is “Trivial BS”.*

Although, after reading the article and identifying what SHE said (in quotes) and what the AUTHOR said (not in quotes), it turned out she didn’t really say that at all, it still made me think…

Is western (i.e “my”) feminism trivial BS?

Well, I thought, to be honest, you can say almost ANY issue in the west is trivial BS compared to what goes on elsewhere. I’ll be the first to say that some of our worries and concerns are total trivial BS, we are after all, the “worried well” and we are so, so flipping lucky.

I mean, come on, #firstworldproblems.

  • Worried about too much sugar? In some countries they don’t even have food!
  • Worried about what school your kid goes to? In some places the one school they have is a 5 hour’s walk away and costs half the family’s monthly income.
  • Worried about your health? In some countries life expectancy is only around 40 years old.
  • Worried about your career? Speaking in world terms, you are damn lucky to even have a job.
  • Worried about where and how to birth? In many places in the world a woman has a 1/100 chance of dying during pregnancy and birth (that’s 100 per 100,000), compared to a scant 4 births per 100,000 (sorry I cannot do the maths) here in Spain.
  • Worry about some half-naked ladies on a man’s shirt? In some places women cannot leave the house without a male escort and are basically bought and sold by their families to other older men. In some countries women’s’ genitals are mutilated. In some countries women can’t vote, or own property, or divorce, or have the right to see their children if they do…

Really, thinking about it puts our daily worries in to sharp focus, and makes our “struggles” sounds like trivial BS.

So why, why do we still need to worry about feminism?

I thought about it and I came up with a few reasons that it resonates with me personally.

1) The gender pay gap. Why in our society do men earn more than women for the same job and same hours?
2) The sex and porn industry. Women being taken advantage of here, big time. Not nice.
3) Pregnancy and labour. There is a long way to go here. I have lost count of the women I know personally that have been treated with disrespect during this moment in their lives. 90% episiotomy rate here in Spain. This has to stop.

That is just my tiny list, at this point in my life. If I were younger I might be concerned about sexist banter, or date rape, or online trolling. If I were older it might be the fact that no women over 45 is shown presenting the news, that we “disappear” after a certain age.

Are these issues trivial BS? Compared to FGM and total submission to men, yes. But one doesn’t cancel out the other. We can still be incensed at FGM and also believe that women and men should receive equal pay.

So, in answer to my own question, yes western feminism is trivial BS compared to the rest of the world’s problems! And thank god for that, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here contemplating it, I wouldn’t have my own laptop, or free time, or the luxury to think and write and educate myself. Ironically, that’s all down to feminism past (thanks!).

But then, equality will always be worth contemplating and striving for, however BS-y it seems, however privileged we get, it will always be worth thinking about bringing us all up to the same privilege rather than leaving some down there, with less pay, or crappy vaginal scars or negative body images.

Lastly, I’m absolutely all for improving quality of life for women and girls (and men and boys, as it happens) around the world. And I also believe that charity starts at home.



* I had a little look around the articles that were published online and it was funny ‘cos a) they were all EXACTLY the same copy b) She didn’t actually say that western feminism itself is BS, she was actually criticising the uproar about the scientist who wore the shirt with the half-naked women on it.

If there are poeple wondering what on earth #shirtgate was all about, i.e why did those hysterical feminists go crazy about a shirt and make a man (a really clever man) apologise, think about this: gollywogs were on jam-jars when I was a kid…now they are not. Why? because they are a racial stereotype that we didn’t need. People (black people and white people) didnt like it. Perhaps if they were still around now, and a scientist came on air with a shirt full of gollywogs, perhaps a viral internet petition would have started and perhaps he would have apologised. So yes, as Ms. Ali says, uproar around a shirt can be seen as trivial BS, and on the other hand another stereotype publicly stood up to. #justsaying

PS Thanks t katrinaelsi for providing her wonderful photo entitled “Women at Work” for free on the Creative Commons.


First world feminism, first world problems

11 thoughts on “First world feminism, first world problems

  1. I totally agree with you here. I just see that different parts of the world are at different stages of the revolution. Some are yet to even begin. But the problems we face in the first world are just as relevant as those faced in other parts of the world. I have a bit of an issue with the #firstworldproblems saying because of this. It dismisses very real issues that people have in the first world. I’m not all against it. I can see it highlights that we have it good compared to others and it is important that we are aware of that but it doesn’t mean our problems aren’t real or don’t exist. As is true of most things in life: it’s all relative. Great post! PS love your thought process on #shirtgate You have totally swayed my thoughts on this now. Well done.


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I find it’s a balance between appreciating what we have while also being sensitive to possible improvements (nutrition/equality/whatever). #shirtgate, lol, it took me a while to figure out how I felt too, until I thought of this example. Glad my writing gave you food for thought 🙂

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  2. Hey, saw you stopped by our blog. Wanted to check out yours and wasn’t intending to comment but I did enjoy this post, and would like to offer some perspective of my own.

    I hear these ?arguments? all the time and it is the theme which bugs me most, (You were wronged? — look at this woman here or those women there! you should be grateful)

    Most of the time this brand of argument, which is more of an accusation than a rational argument, come form haters — in my experience. These are neither feminists or anti-fems, they just seem to hate and keep on hating. The argument is both irrelevant and sexist, as well as wrong. First, striving to improve our lives is not a matter of greed or ingratitude or blindness to the problems or trouble of others. The these things have no connection to each other. As humans we are often driven to improve ourselves and the world around us. Would going back to school to get a law degree be selfish? Is it then an act of apathy toward all of the women in the world who are not able to get an education at all/? Perhaps it is plain American greed that makes you believe you have the right to better yourself with a law degree. (well.. with the lawyer example there could be something to that .. hmm ) No. None of these are relevant or connected.

    So, why would going back to school be unoffensive to these nay-sayer and improving your position in society so disagreeable? That is where the sexism comes in. That you would dare continue to strive for greater involvement and a stronger voice is not your station.

    Some times I have to remind myself that it wasn’t that that long ago.. well.. within my lifetime that if a woman got married it was against the law for her to use any type of birth control. Women had a purpose then. — not a goal or a future — a purpose. That purpose was given to you and it was a Against The Law for you to struggle against your purpose.

    I’ll point something out to you as well.. most of those nay-sayers on channels like #firstworldproblems are hired tweeters. Propagandist. 🙂 No… i’m not a conspiracy theorist.
    I just have a great deal of experience with them — and before I learned how to spot them, I wasted an embarrassing amount of time with them as well. I’m not going to get into who and why tey are paid. I know who employs several of the groups I’ve encountered, but I’m not going spread a half truth .. I haven’t been in the feminist arena long enough for educated guesses either, but how you spot them, is that they run on a script. The script is written for them, and on Tweeter or comment areas of the news, it really doesn’t matter if the script doesn’t work on you.. because there are 10s and 100s around listening — and it is going to work on some of them. That is all that really matters. It is the same logic that keeps the black jack table making money. You might be winning money hand after hand. But six other people are not doing so well — and the casino knows that your winning keeps the losers playing. You give them that magical hope — a quality that as emptied many back accounts into overdraft.. So, if after you give them a solid argument on an issue (which is never difficult if you distance yourself from the issues they jab you with) if a while later they bring back up the same issue, they are 80% sure to be running a script. They are not someone looking for other points of view, just doing their job.

    Now.. I guess if I’m in this far, I might as well go all the way. Third wave feminism have other goals besides Equality, or perhaps it is more accurate to say, they have goals of equality which extend the definition. Rebecca Walker coined the term “third-wave feminism” in a 1992 essay. Rebecca’s essay also began the wave — pointing toward several points which resonated deeply through the feminist population — for example its focus on gay and non-white women. As political and economic equality has been achieved by a much greater level of the women in most parts of the western world, Third Wave feminists have broadened their goals, focusing on ideas like queer theory, abolishing gender role expectations(both men and women) and stereotypes, and defending sex work, pornography, reproductive rights, and sex-positivity. Third-wave feminism regards race, social class, transgender rights, and sexual liberation as central issues. However, it also pays attention to workplace matters such as the glass ceiling, sexual harassment, unfair maternity-leave policies,motherhood – support for single mothers by means of welfare and child care and respect for working mothers and for mothers who decide to leave their careers to raise their children full-time.These new feminisms advocate for “expressions” of femininity and female sexuality as a Challenge to objectification.

    Accordingly, this includes the dismissal of any restriction, whether deemed patriarchal or feminist, to define or control how women or girls can dress, act, or generally express themselves. These emerging positions stand in stark contrast with the anti-pornography strains of feminism prevalent in the 1980s. These new feminisms posit that the ability to make autonomous choices about self-expression can be an empowering act of resistance, not simply internalized oppression, — a theory which has yet to be upheld by any sort of empirical data since its development in 1997 by by Barbara L. Fedrickson, a psychologist, and Tomi-Ann Roberts, also a psychologist.

    There there are, with in the camps of the Liberal Feminism, Socialist Feminism and Radical Feminism those who still hold on to the ideas of the 1980s in this seuxal area. But most of the Thirds wave found it empowering not to have to be pissed off at nearly everything all day long. Also that idea that they were who they were no matter what a random man thought of them made sense and empowered them as well. After all, who judge men on these matters? No one.

    I don’t particularly have an opinion one way or the other on the matter. I do remember the 80s, and the porno shops being burned down and the strippers being screamed at. The constant re-zoning and the angry petitions where if I didn’t wish to sign it , I was a male chauvinist scumbag who was going to hell to be buried in shit and set on fire. Yep, they coul cuss. It was like normal cussing, in that it used the same words, but they somehow weaponized it … very scary.

    #shirtgate (?) Sorry, I can’t be reasonable here, because it was wrong.Not only wrong, but criminal. As criminal I feel a lot of women should have been arrested. Also a large percentage for the feminists are pissed off about it — as am I . It was short-sighted, over-done, had no purpose, served no goal and set feminist back in the general public relations area about 20 years. — No.. that’s not an exaggeration and it is a serious injury. Feminism as a movement has political clout.. hard won political clout and without that clout there is not way anyone is getting any closer to equality – because you have no power to effect change in the government. If you have no voice, you can’t speak.– but what about #Shirtgate you might reason.. that wasn’t a voice. That was noise. The only reason Matt responded was that he was for womens rights and was not your enemy. Personally, I’m not your enemy either — but I would have not only told you all to F-off, I would have found a shirt that had pictures of actual nake women, not half-naked, and worn that until if fell from my body in rags. Might have even hired a porn star driver to get me around town so I could show off my shirt. — but that’s me.I’m not a sheep. I don’t go for bullying. I don’t care who is doing it.

    Three girls, in high-school, were raped, and instead of backing them up, the school officials attempted to bully them into silence. – Where is your outcry there? Well I’ll tell you where it is. The YesAllDaughters told you not to show up. They are not feminists. Maybe you can shrug that off with a “if they don’t’ want us that is their prerogative and nothing off me.” But – – from where i’m watching — it is nothing off you because you no longer have it . But that is only one area —

    The basis of the action is wrong. “we have the right not to have to deal with that offensive type of thing any more…” .. Really? Where did you get that? See, I don’t have that right. I’m offended by sexist actions every day at work and I don’t have the right throw a fit about it. I don’t have the right to walk down the street without the fear of attack or having to deal with someone accusing me in one form or another. And i’m a fairly large man with the same problem Christopher Walken has — generally people believe I”m violent on sight — just because of the way I look, and my size. Doesn’t stop them form offending me though. Men higher body guards if they can afford them to get them from the door to the car without out being accosted. So… why do you have this right? Where did you get this? I would really like to know.

    The only people I know who have a right like this(well they claim it is a right) is a small population. If you were to wear something offensive to them, they would also attack. They would grab you off the street, take you to prison, whip you, and perhaps stone you. If they didn’t stone you they would rape you just about every day you were in prison for the crime of offending men an god by what you were wearing.ISIS is one of those groups. Of course they would probably just behead you and get it over.

    Now.. Matt.. that’s his name by the way, Matt, he was attacked, insulted, publicly humiliated to the point he was ashamed to go see his mother — for 5 straight days. Phone calls emails, women screaming at him outside of his house, death threats .. it was horrid. — So what is the difference between the women who attacked Matt and the religious values of the men of ISIS? Not a damn thing. that’s what. You both have conjured and inflamed views of your importance, your worth and absolute worse than that, you devalue everyone around you. NO.. EVERYONE not just Matt because you were like that before you saw that shirt. Those women do not see anyone as having value except themselves.

    Now, about these Goolywogs.– It use to be that the Feminist population was the most difficult to play propaganda against, because they looked up everything. They were always being called out in office jobs for not having it together or not knowing what they were talking about — sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer. Goolywogs were popular in England and Australia. They began as, and STILL EXIST as dolls for boys. Many decried them from the United States, and company — rightly– told them F-off “Don’t like them, don’t buy them. If you feel insulted, that is your problem, because they’ve got nothing to do with you.”

    Just before World War I, John Robertson (son of James Robertson — umm of Robertson Marmalade?? ) was on a tour of the United States. Whilst on a visit to the backwoods he noticed many young children playing with little black rag dolls with white eyes, made from their mothers’ discarded black skirts and white blouses. Intrigued by the popularity of the “Golly” (the name being the children’s interpretation of doll), he thought it would make an ideal mascot and trade mark for the Robertson’s range of products. Accepted by the company, Golly was first shown on Robertson literature in 1910, on items such as labels and price lists.

    Robertson’s officially ‘retired’ Golly in 2002. The company had found that Golly was, on the whole, no longer popular with the children of families, although the scheme was still successful with adult collectors.

    Virginia C “Ginny” Knox, then brand director at Robertson’s commented: “ We are retiring Golly because we found families with kids no longer necessarily knew about him. We are not bowing to political correctness, but like with any great make we have to move with the times”

    So much for the bowing to the hordes.

    If I am not sexist – I learned this back in the 80s — If I am not a womanizer or a bigot or a hate monger — no amount of screaming and accusing is going to make me one. It is insulting, sure, it is even hurtful — but i’m not going to be guilted into doing something different because you’ve suddenly decided that a prescieve and indefensible wound gives your the right to devalue my life. And the fact that you would try, makes me all the more sure that not only will I not, but I should not — because bullies suck.

    wow.. I really didn’t’ intend to hang out here this long.. I’ve got to get back toe the desk. Lots going on with the rape crap on campus and we are gearing up to campaign against it. Hope I see you around.

    #HeForShe of the UN Women

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    1. oh.. apologies.. I just noticed that you are English, not American. You would think with all of the UN Women I deal with during a week, I would quit assuming my country is the only possible country someone could be from.. sheesh.. Again, good day.

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    2. Hi and thanks so much for taking the time in a busy life to write such a prolific reply, I’m chuffed (def English!) that it will probably be the longest comment i will ever get. You sound like a passionate person who really knows their stuff, and possibly has a job that is meaningful and helping people on an every day level, hats off 😉

      Firstly, Re: hired tweeters. are you saying there are groups dedicated to systematic misogyny out there a bit like kKK was for race? Who and what are they? Funded by whome?

      You have done a brilliant summary of 3rd wave feminism, very interesting. If you could recommend me a couple of texts that would be much appreciated. and lots of this rings bells for me from my teenage years (more of a feeling than a formal teaching) i was raised by a liberal bohemian feminist and had no restrictions on dress, going out, actions, had sexual freedom etc. On an aside, while being a liberated teen in the 90s was fun, sometimes as i got older i realised that lots of the things that were happening were still on male terms, as liberated as i was i was still operating in a society that judged, judged women and not men for what was going on. anyway, probably ramblings that are food for another post there 😉

      Which brings us on to shirtgate. Tbh i hadn’t realised how harassed matt had been until you pointed this out (I live in spain, it’s not big news here, not talked about, and my life mainly revolves around menial work and childcare) and for the record I’m not cool with that. I am a believer in peaceful protest, so also not cool with burning things a la angry 80s feminism. As you pointed out, harassing him to this degree may have done harm rather than good to the rep of feminism. Shame.

      However, i still defend people who called him out on the shirt. I personally don’t give a crap (I don’t personally feel offended about gollywogs for that matter, while at the same time, understand and accept those that do. btw I think its total tosh that Roberts claim the redesign wasn’t due to political correctness…if you know the UK you know what they said was a sugar coated lie!). A half naked women does not offend me BUT I do understand that him wearing it sends a f-you message to many women: you are objects, you should look like this, I’m a clever respected man and I can wear something on TV that might make you feel uncomfortable but I don’t care, in fact more than I don’t care I didnt even notice (to many thats how entrenched it feels : that society doesn’t even notice sexism, this and other).

      So even though when it comes down to it I’m not offended, I’m all up for challenging notions that have gone unchallenged. You sound like you have done your reading (much more than me, for sure!) so you must yourself know the arguments against the objectification of women’s bodies and the subtle but pernicious messages it send out … if not there are some really good vids on you tube about it.

      I think a simple “that’s not cool man” would have sufficed. A letter, an email. It got taken too far. Why? Again, you are obviously a man who knows your stuff, look at all the things women are pissed off about, I guess this man became the proverbial straw that broke the camels back, and yes an easy online target. And yes, OMG of course “we” (and I mean all humans!) should be fighting rape and abuse and harmful stereotypes (of both sexes) as a first priority and not wasting time harassing a guy who mistakenly wore the “wrong” shirt. But I think the shirt is arbitrary, it just came to be a symbol of so many other things. I feel really bad for Matt, and I hope the experience serves as the “grist for his mill” rather than make him anti-feminism.

      And I think that my hope in general of this and of other issue like this large or small. that they ignite USEFUL social debate and reflection instead of angry divisive internet trolling from both “sides”. I like you believe that there aren’t really any sides and we sink or swim together.

      So, peaceful wishes to you and I’m going to follow you on Twitter, so follow back and we can cross pollinate feminist tweets, not mean ones, obviously. Best of luck with the work that you do.

      Thanks 🙂

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  3. Justice and fairness, whatever degree, are always worth speaking up for. When we don’t, it’s the thin edge of the wedge. Hard-fought for and won employment rights are being undermined in the UK, social justice being tinkered and meddled with, figures manipulated, spin doctored to suit and appeal to certain minds. We have to look at all instances and imagine ‘if that were us’.
    My dad used to say that you should never sell out any working conditions for the sake of a short-term pay rise. The rise devalues but the conditions live on for the next one in your job.
    Just because some employees have it better than others doesn’t mean we should all sink to the lowest common denominator.
    We should be looking to improve justice and fairness in all areas, in all places, whether first world or developing. Our enemy is not each other but those who cannot or will not see/allow justice to be done. Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking, is that fair? Most children can spot fairness a mile away. We choose to or don’t. Adults suck. So many agendas instead of keeping it simple.

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    1. Good advice there from your dad. It’s also classic to pit people against each other isn’t it (the old divide and conquer) and when people feel separate and alien they don’t support each other. I really believe in the latest campaigns (HeforShe) about bringing men and women together for feminism. And in general totally agree with you re: looking to improve justice and fairness in all areas. I often think that if every one put service to others as a value we all just DID as a norm, how different the world would be. Even though I’m not from a religious background, I can see that by removing religion we have removed this “duty” largely from society. As flawed for instance as the church is where I am (esp when it comes to rights gay rights etc) in many ways, it is them who are on the front line soup kitchens, helping the poor etc while most other people sit around moaning about society and yet being completely isolated from their fellow man. We have to combine the respect for others and the actual help, be that online campaigning or actually getting down in your local area. Anyway, rant over! thanks for stopping by 🙂


  4. 🙂 I don’t know if you ever read The Prince, but he as a chapter on City/States/areas controlled by Religion and his tactics for taking them — which is :

    It only remains now to speak of ecclesiastical principalities, touching which all difficulties are prior to getting possession, because they are acquired either by capacity or good fortune, and they can be held without either; for they are sustained by the ancient ordinances of religion, which are so all-powerful, and of such a character that the principalities may be held no matter how their princes behave and live. These princes alone have states and do not defend them; and they have subjects and do not rule them; and the states, although unguarded, are not taken from them, and the subjects, although not ruled, do not care, and they have neither the desire nor the ability to alienate themselves. Such principalities only are secure and happy. But being upheld by powers, to which the human mind cannot reach, I shall speak no more of them, because, being exalted and maintained by God, it would be the act of a presumptuous and rash man to discuss them.– The Prince beginning of Chapter IX

    I have thought about that paragraph many times since becoming aware of the rapid breaking-apart of the Feminists. From one to 3 and then to 5 and now… I had thought that Awareness and Education would likely fill my position with feminists. I saw it as a non-threatening (well as non-threatening as I get) way of helping with cohesion, and clarity of purpose. On any campaign it is far too easy to be distracted by what looks like a “quick victory” . Take for example the audience base of Sarkeesian. But I don’t have time today to get into this, though it is a pleasure and a temptation.

    Feminism Without Exclusion..

    By rejecting a unified category of women and embracing the anarchic imperative of direct action, third‐wave feminism necessarily embraces a philosophy of nonjudgment. From this position, the third wave directly responds to the infamous sex wars, the devastating split that pitted feminists against each other; with all its emphasis on claiming sexuality, third‐wave feminism clearly identifies with the prosex side of that split. As Heywood explains, “pro‐sex feminism usually refers to a segment of the women’s movement that defends pornography, sex work, sadomasochism, and butch/femme roles, but it also recuperates heterosexuality, intercourse, marriage, and sex toys from separatist feminist dismissals” (2006a, 260). According to Heywood, “feminist pornography for [the third‐wave] generation is heavily influenced by marginalized or nonnormative sexualities—including gay and lesbian, transgender, butch, and sex worker activists—and is devoted to reducing the stigma surrounding sexual pleasure in feminism and U.S. culture. As sex educator and feminist pornographer Carol Queen asserts, ‘Unless we honor the full spectrum of consensual erotic desire, none of us will be truly free to pursue our own.’ In this sense, the emerging third‐wave position on feminist pornography builds on the sex‐positive feminism of the 1980s” (2006a, 248). Third‐wave literature includes many stories that praise sex work, advocate sexual assertiveness, and revel in the use of vulgar sexual language. By including a diversity of views on sexuality and not judging any of them, third‐wave feminists hope to avoid contentious splits.

    After you go through this.. which is one– massive — and two — has a reference list at the bottom which is — more massive — Not all of them of course. I havent’ finished all of them but this is the article I began my quest on – -after you have digested a good portion, review Emma’s speech. Listed to how she uses the words like Inclusion — Her speech so much more dense with meaning and purpose. You really start to wonder if she is honestly as young as they report.

    As for your interest in the propaganda teams, as i said I haven’t been in this this demographic long enough, to make any guess I want to live with later. However i am finishing a training paper on Internet Marketing soon and I would be happy to send you a copy.

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  5. You asked for some references to text and attacks. I came across this which talks about the political agenda sexual violence squads which roam around.. I ran in to several of these, but I’m more skilled the misinformation and demoralization teams.

    these are more along the lines of what you were looking for

    Today, an increasing number of people are experimenting with both traditional and new media forms. Journalists, artists, advocates, fans and ordinary citizens are using drama, performance, film and video, blogs, social media, radio, music, graphic design, public art, and much more. Mainstream, market-driven news organizations are investing deeply in new forms of online journalism and are using photojournalism, infographics, forums, features, discussion boards, and chats to reach new audiences. Finally, journalists are letting go of their nostalgia for a monopoly past and finding creative ways to develop new ways to inform and entertain readers in a highly competitive online environment.

    In a world where current events, ideas and opinions are spread virally through news aggregators, Twitter, and Facebook, more and more people are recognizing that, to get noticed in an attention economy, you must use any means necessary.

    Everyone, it seems, has become a propagandist. Of course, broadcast journalists have long teased the local news with unanswered questions, like “Are local restaurants poisoning the elderly? Find out at 10:00.” Online, journalists now write eye-popping and sometimes misleading headlines in order to get more clicks. 1 Businesses now exploit user-generated data to segment, track and target customers, serving them highly personalized ads and other persuasive content. 2 In the political world, …

    These will be the more Dangerous of the Set of Misinformation Networking

    I was directly brought in for the “Common Core” which we have over here now. it is a framework of expectations for public school lessons. It doesn’t have the lessons themselves or any books or methods .. just the frameworks. Now Keep that in mind CCSS mean Common Core State Standards. All they say is that little Jill has to learn how to subtract two-digit number in the 3rd grade. Now.. this is the stuff that was being produced and rapidaly being mass emailed, tweeted and used to create false websites which declared themselves from anything between grass-roots movements against Government indocranation to officeal gov websites to education parents on what CCSS wss to expert teacher associations against the use of Common Core. Wow That was the only one I could find fo that particular confusion. We apparetly won the war..

    Anyway.. It is so cleaned up now I’m not finding any of the seriously good stuff.

    Here is the Google Scholar search so you can scroll and brows. They have some books out already on what was going on and how it was being done. Kind of werid when on ly a couple of months ago I was looked at by every one like a conspiracy guy.

    A Political Marketing Perspective on Social Media Adoption by us Congressional Campaigns
    Christine B. Williams, Girish J. “Jeff” Gulati


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