Islamophobia: why has that even become a word?

Ditch the phobia, we are brothers and sisters :)
Ditch the phobia, we are brothers and sisters šŸ™‚


Today I read an article in the Guardian saying that Islamophobia is racism, pure and simple.

Too right.

Whenever you generalise about a community as large as Islam/Muslims/Arabs you can be sure that there is some racism going on there. Because a) phrases like “all xyz” are usually finished with derogatory statements, and b) to generalise about people in such a way is derogatory in itself. Pure and simple.

I can think of some other examples of this:

All women…
All Americans… (I live in Europe people, this one is pretty common sadly)
All hippies…

So many things in our culture right now (and leading up to right now) are pitting us against each other, and especially against “all Muslims” or the very wide ranging term “Islam” or even “Arabs” (who are not necessarily all Muslim anyway, but that’s another kettle of fish).

I watched the classic 80s film ‘Back to the Future’ with boychild last year: in one part Syrian terrorists attack them with machine guns. I don’t even remember that part from when I was a kid, but it must be there in my mind, in the department that society has created (is creating) under “all Muslims are… terrorists/evil/bloodthirsty/scary…”

Iron man has “bad Muslims” too….and there are SO many more examples. KIDS’ movies.

We talked about how Islamic/Muslim/generic Arabic people are portrayed in films, how it’s not like that in real life. Yes, there are a very small minority who become terrorists. There are crazy and desperate people in all cultures. I talk to him about cultural stereotypes, but they are still there, what can we do.

We are being groomed to hate these people. What annoys me most of all about this is its NOTHING to do with the actual people (families, workers, your average Joe in the street, like me, like you, just getting on with it) it’s about our governments and what they want.

How much easier to control people, to start wars if we are already primed to hate another “type” of person?

I actually SHUDDER to think and remember other points in history where nations were systematically brainwashed to hate one another. One word: genocide. We think it can’t happen. We cannot let it happen.

I hope Muslim parents, teachers and anyone with an open mind in Afghanistan, Irak, Syria or the UK, France and Germany (and the US) are teaching their children that “all westerners” or “all Europeans” are not bad and against them.

I wonder if their films and media industry are tirelessly portraying us as…as what…What would they show? Tanks and drones and bombs and troops? Would that be a fair representation of me, or you?

Since when has Islamophobia become a legitimate word? A word we recognise and use? Are we saying we are actually phobic of a religion?! Christiophobia, Judaiophobia, Buddophobia…seriously?

Why don’t we just call a spade a spade: racism, pure and simple.

*I use the terms Islamic, Muslim and Arabic interchangeably. I am concious NOT ALL Arabs are Muslims, and that Islam itself has varying minorities and communities, etc etc. Just sayin!


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Islamophobia: why has that even become a word?

6 thoughts on “Islamophobia: why has that even become a word?

  1. Yeah the hate towards an entire group of people is astounding. I saw a thread in my newsfeed the other day of people refusing to eat food if it is made halal. There was some pretty hideous ranting and raving going on like *Fuck Muslims* etc. I cringed. There are plenty of stories out there about crazy white men with guns walking into schools or highly populated areas and shooting a bunch of people and yet we don’t suddenly hate all white men. It’s all very strange and the media are the ones responsible if you ask me.

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    1. Yes, I agree and it’s horrible. I have seen the Halal stuff too. I have even had the “pleasure” of speaking to one of these crazies (to do with work) and I can assure you he was very deluded and/or brainwashed by other hateful deluded and ill people. My wish is that normal people wake up and realise we are all one and the same, and do not get turned against each other, not matter how hard it gets. Thanks for dropping by šŸ™‚

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  2. Wonderfully written. When people bash Islam, I point them towards the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church. Both awful “Christian” groups but no one bases ALL Christians off of those two groups. People can be such hypocrites.

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  3. The really worrying thing is, as you say, how long this has gone on for through media that we don’t control. I’m thinking of all the ‘cowboy and indian’ films I watched as a kid because that’s what was on TV and, depending on the slant of the director, your sympathies lay with how the storyline was conveyed. It took years before alternative productions appeared giving a whole other standpoint and some respect to cultures that had been demeaned and misrepresented for so long. I remember being blown away by ‘Dances With Wolves’. Again I have no idea how accurate the portrayal was but at least there was some attempt to redress the imbalance and correct misrepresentations.
    It’s so sad to think how we are manipulated. In fact, maybe sad’s not the word. It makes me angry that even news stations/newspapers can no longer be counted on to investigate and report with accuracy. There is very little impartiality in the media and we are left to search our own sources as well as our own hearts and minds.
    Thank god, and I believe it must be the case, that there are people worldwide who do not accept all that they read and see as the truth.
    The sooner we learn that we are all ‘Jock Tamson’s bairns’ the better for us all. What a splendid world we could make if we recognised the similarities we shared.
    Marvellous post. Needs saying often.


    1. I like that phrase, we are all jock tamsons bains, brothers and sisters. I also agree people round the world are waking up to that. unfortunately the “powers that be” have an interest in us not feeling united. United we stand : for human rights, for the planet, for love. Media portrayal is so strong, and getting stronger, music, films, tv. But it’s like a twisted unreal world where every woman is sexual, every black person is a crim and every Muslim is a terrorist. Misrepresentation and damaging stereotypes. It’s vital that the media change, because it’s such a big influence. Awareness is the first step. Xx


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