#elpida #hope

I posted this on Saturday night, high on angst and anticipation: would Greece vote in the same old corrupt and greedy conservatives? Or would they vote for “an adventure” (as the opposition called it, talk about making it seem fun!) or, at least, change.

As they tweeted late Sunday afternoon, “hope won” and Greece voted in left-wing party Syriza on Sunday after years of conservative governments and crippling austerity.

As I said to a friend on Facebook “Bad for the banks and the Euro, maybe. But good for the people. These things are not one and the same”.

Things I like:

  • Tsipras doesn’t wear a tie *gasp* (obvs whether you wear a tie is paramount to whether you can run a country or not, as we have seen).
  • They are going to allow children of immigrant parents citizenship. Yes, that’s right, until now children (read: often BORN in Greece) of immigrants were not allowed citizenship. I’m really proud this will be changed.
  • He has assigned a cabinet of “mavericks and visionaries”. Totes exciting. I almost want to move back!
  • Loads of other cool, people orientated, progressive stuff. Rock on.

I like this article on 5 things the new goverment will change. It’s really weird. It’s like these people are politicians AND care about the people and love Greece. It’s hard to fathom.

This is what political hope looks like.

#elpida #hope

4 thoughts on “#elpida #hope

  1. I was teaching in Athens in 1981 when Pasok was elected under the banner of ‘Change’. The feeling then was real anticipation and elation at the swing from right to left. I hope this works out for the country. Hope is one of my favourite words. In any language.


    1. Wow, that must have been incredible. The changes almost make want to live there again. At least I’m beginning to have faith in the people again, that they actually want change and evolution enough to take risks. Xx


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