Boy child returns and we are all change

Boychild came back last week….in the end it was almost 5 weeks. I missed him dearly at first, and then got used to it it. That’s the thing about life, in the end, you get used to anything.

Now he’s back, and it’s great. He’s more mature, less volatile, full of stories and fun facts about the UK and films he as seen (inappropriately violent, watched with cousins, mostly). There has been less fighting, and a bucketload of laughs on the house over the last week. Nice. 🙂

he has also come back to change. I managed to get myself a job (woohoo!) and will be starting full time work in 8 days (can u tell I’m counting down…?). My DH will be doing the back to school/nursery thing with all the kids, I will be out of the house most of the day working. Reverse roles.

I think it’s going to be positive and tiring. The kids are going to 3 different schools, 2 of which are new so double adaptation. I have this feeling we are about to go into this new and taxing rhythm. School, clean clothes, meals, shopping, work, illness, play dates, clubs….it’s all consuming.

I’m concerned I won’t have time to write. My lunchtimes at work will probably be taken up coming home to breastfeed and then running back. As I will be seeing my kids so little I don’t think I will choose blogging over them during the week, however good it makes me feel. So that leaves the weekend…I’m thinking I might manage 1 post per week, we will see.

No doubt this new phase will be challenging. But you get used to anything, in the end.

Boy child returns and we are all change