Beheading vs breast feeding: what would u choose?

I was asked the other night at a party why women are not “incensed, enraged, knocking over desks and rioting” at the fact that beheading images are acceptable on Facebook and images of breast-feeding banned.

Good question, I replied. I am a feminist (in my opinion, anyone who believes in equal rights is, yes, that means you and you and you…) it does enrage me, sadden me, surprise and depress me.

Why are we passive to these things?

As I write, my eyes are closing, stinging from a full days work, 3 kids and a merry-go-round of childhood illnesses that might stop around March. I’m tired, almost too tired to write and definitely too tired to fight.

Is that what it is? Will we look back and say we were just too damn tired to do anything about it?

On that note, heading to bed.

Beheading vs breast feeding: what would u choose?