The versatile blogger award

Wowsers, another award…cool!

the thing I love about awards most is the awesome list of cool blogs you get at the bottom. It’s worth searching for blog posts of awards just to get some new blog recommendations…. just let me find that 25th hour to the day first…!

I got awarded by the mmmmmfamily blog. This mama is dealing with some serious health issues in her family of 3 kids under 5 right now, and writes about it with emotion, sensitivity and style. She also writes it as a diary and log for her husband and kids in the future. It’s very real, very grounding and not at all ‘poor me’. Inspiring. Thank you lady!

As per the rules I’ve got to state 7 things about myself, and thenĀ  nominate 15 (FIFTEEN??!!) other blogs. OK.

1) My fave colour is green.

2) My fave breakfast is a smoothie, but I don’t have it often as I feel guilty about waking up the neighbours at silly o’clock with the noise of the blender.

3) I cosleep with my partner and three kids…we have 2 double mattresses stuck together. It’s still not quite enough space though.

4) I had psoriasis before having kids. Haven’t had a proper ‘flare up’ since becoming pregnant for the first time. No complaints there!

5) I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding with no let up for 8.5 years… really.

6) I feel like I’m constantly washing clothes, I mean constantly. Summer has been so much better…but winter….uff, the bulky clothes and they take ages to dry (here in Europe we don’t have dryers).

7) I really, really want to get a dog. But each time we get serious about it, I get pregnant…haha.

Now the 15 blogs, sorry, no explanation, just go visit!
















Phew! Enjoy!! Thanks!!!

The versatile blogger award

The WordPress Family Award…

I got nominated for this about a week ago….unbelievable! Am really, really chuffed (OMG that word took ages to get right with predictive text…it’s British English for: very pleased…)

I started this blog to get my ideas out and liberate my brain space, and have discovered this very cool, very stimulating community, a place I love to come to and read stuff, “like” stuff. It is ten zillion times better than Fakebook or Pinterest (sorry, that feels really unfaithful, but it’s true) … places I wandered aimlessly until I saw the (blogging) light.

Even better, I got nominated by Miss Fanny P, whose posts I love for their wit and humour. She rocks, here’s her link as per the nomination rules

I now have to nominate some other bloggers I admire so here goes:


ummmm…I’m so new to this I’m finding this bit really hard…maybe I could come back in a few months and beef it up a bit. I love my blogging but I have to limit the time I do it at the moment (LIFE!)

PS This this has taken me absolutely ages ‘cos I’ve had to learn new things like how to use my ipad to cut ‘n’ paste, insert links etc, all with sleeping baby on left boob, naturally. But it was worth it!

Thank you Ms Fanny P!

The WordPress Family Award…

Misery needs company

Reading the 10 secrets of happy people, or some such, I came across:

  • “Misery loves company, stay away from negative people if you want to be happy.”

I couldn’t disagree more. Sad and ‘negative’ people need love and support, not to be shunned like lepers (once were). If your positivity is genuine and strong, you will be able to be around sad people and stay supportive, giving them hope and comfort.

Positive thinking and the laws of attraction get the full thumbs up in my mind, absolutely. But I think it’s a bit of a sickness to equate that philosophy with only socialising with people that seem happy, upbeat and sorted. Really.

Next time your harassed mum-with-3-kids friend (…ahem…) needs to let off steam, will you listen and let her sound off, no advice, just staying still and emitting good vibes of peace and love towards her? Or think, I don’t want to be tainted with negativity, and cut it short.

If you know of someone ‘negative’ in need, reach out and support, don’t recoil.

Misery needs company