Ticked off

I just came across a an article called “6 things to do before you go to bed”… Now, as much as I LOVE lists (couldn’t live without them) I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with all the x-amount a day stuff:

2 litres of water a day

5 fruit and veg a day

15 minutes of special time (each child!) per day

Read To your kids, once a day

….etc etc…

Doesn’t having it as PER DAY make it seem like a boring task? I don’t think I do any of the above per day on a regular basis, but maybe I do twice as much one day and then none for a few days (ok I admit it I never do special time…there is a reason, or an excuse, which I will explain in another post)

Is it really necessary? Maybe we could add:

Go toilet, alone, once a day

Eat something totally unhealthy standing up at the fridge while the others are in the living room, once a day

Surf Internet guilt free, 3 times a day

….now I could manage that.

Ticked off